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Build Tips (May 2004)

These are things I've been told by Chesil during the build process that may help. Things that aren't in the build manual, but should be. Things that I'm sure they're continually telling kit customers who phone up to ask. Hopefully, they'll make your build easier.

Shortened Chassis

1. Your returned shortened chassis will not have a fuel line fitted. You need to do this yourself (1/4" recommended)

2. The alignment of the shortened gear linkage rod may not be perfect and you may need to bend the linkage bracket to ensure correct gear selection. This is due to the curved shape of the original rod. I found that while a new urethane linkage wouldn't work for me (couldn't get 1st or 2nd), a new stock one was just fine!

3. If your framehead was changed during shortening (1302 or 1303) you will need to check with Chesil which master cylinder mount holes are on your particular chassis. The condition of your original framehead determines whether the original mounting holes are retained or not. Mine were not, and so I needed to change master cylinder.

4. For the four rear mounting studs, the recommendation is 3/8" metal washer, rubber pad, 3/8" metal washer between body and chassis.

5, If you fit the SVC remote servo, you need 3/8" UNF x 24 tpi brake nuts to connect to it. I got mine from Vehicle Wiring Products.


1. The captive nuts for the headlight bolts may be too low and need drilling out, even after bending the top mounting bracket to give a good mounting position for the light. Chesil sometimes have to do this themselves.

2. When drilling the steering column hole, drill a large hole (I drilled about 70mm) in the bulkhead in about the correct place rather than messing around trying to get the hole in exactly the right place. Then make a panel with the correct size hole to slide on the column and cover over the large hole to give a neat appearance.

Wiring Loom

1. Is designed for an engine with alternator and internal regulator, NOT a dynamo.

2. Doesn't come with enough medium and large grommets because Chesil pre-drill many of the loom holes with holes larger than the manual states.

3. The new loom supercedes the build manual. Tracing of wires is needed to work out what is what as colours and wiring have changed. Everything you need is there though. For example:-

    The flasher relay is now 4 prong rather than 3.

    One of the instrument warning light functions has swapped around between the oil/fuel gauge warning light and separate LED light. Loom is correct (look at size of spade connectors)

    The oil temperature sender wire is with the reversing light wiring under the car, rather than with the 'engine' section of the loom.

     The temperature sender (provided with Chesil's instruments) sump plug is difficult to seal to the engine. A solid copper washer and use of PTFE tape are recommended.

     You need to connect the alternator warning light to switched 12+ (green wire) and wire from alternator

     You need to add a link wire to hazard warning switch between 30b and 49 otherwise your indicators won't work, or your hazards won't work (depending on which of the two you've connected the blue-green wire that connects to the flasher unit to).

    Please Please Please fit a 60A fuse on the battery charge cable to the Alternator. If a short then occurs the fuse will blow rather than your wiring loom melt and potential start a fire (Ask me how I know.....)


1. Battery type 038 (or 015 if you want a heavy duty alternative - its exactly the same physical size) is designed to fit in the battery tray. An original Beetle battery will not fit.

2. The steering column needs lengthening. Chesil did this for me, FOC.

3. The fuel tank sender needs cutting to size. Lengths are 85mm from top of tank mounting disc to top of hinge assembly, and 80mm from middle of float to middle of hinge (intercept with main rod)

4. The rear light bulb holders need swapping to match European amber indicator requirements.  I think chesil normally provide these swapped but I received a kit of parts. It was a delicate operation so i'd recommend you get them pre-swapped by Chesil themselves.

5. Correct ride height is:-

    Rear: Two fingers between rim and wheel arch
    Front: Top of tyre and wheel arch at same level.