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Technical Articles

This section contains technical articles that i've written for Speedsters - The Club's magazine.

Fuel Injection

A six part article on my conversion over to fuel injection. The sixth part detailing recent changes was added March 2011.

Part one can be found here or by clicking on the tab above.


Note my for sale section contains 36-1 trigger wheels for upright converted type4's and air filter holders for Jenvey TF throttle bodies.

Refurbishing your wiper motor

An article on how to refurbish your 35 year old wiper motor which can be found here

Connecting a DTAfast ECU to an Innovate logchain

An article on how I connected my DTA ECU to an innovate motorsports logchain to log the 16 channels of data that the ECU provides alongside the LC-1 wideband datalogger output and the TC-4 thermocouples measuring CHT and EGT, which can be found here