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Why Switch to EFI?

So why go to the trouble of converting from Carburettors to Fuel Injection, especially when the car is running just fine?

Well, there are a few things motivating me:

  • Lack of choke and poor starting when cold
  • Poor fuel economy, not helped by a rich spot at cruise (which if I try and jet out leaves me lean at Wide Open Throttle (WOT)
  • Heat soak into fuel bowls (a problem only when shutting off for a few minutes after a long run and then restarting)
  • Lack of distributor advance based on load (Mallory with vacuum advance not recommend by my engine builder due to issues with it)
  • I understand computers better than carburettors!


Admittedly now that my fan belt is perfectly aligned I no longer have any problems with blocked idle jets so I suspect these were down to rubber particles from the belt...

Anyway, what I hope to get from fuel injection and direct fire ignition are:-

  • Easier Starting (I will use an idle valve to give me the effect of an automatic choke)
  • Better Fuel Economy (I can set the ECU to give me either maximum power or maximum economy dependant on engine load and RPM)
  • No heak soak (Fuel isn't stored in fuel bowls attached to a hot engine)
  • Better Performance (I'm not expecting more BHP, but more drivability especially because of DFI and the ability to control ignition advance by engine load as well as RPM)