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Adding Fuel Injection

This section details my 2007 conversion from Carburettors (Weber 44 IDFs) to Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) with Direct Fire Ignition (DFI)

The tab "Why switch to DFI/EFI " details my motivations for the change

The "My EFI build Diary" tab gives a narrative of the work I undertook to convert my car and a list of the parts

Over in the "Technical Article" section of my website is a series of 5 articles I wrote on my conversion for the Speedsters and Spyders - The Club Magazine which will hopefully be a useful resource for those planning similar conversions. I've since added a sixth article.

  • (1) Fuel Supply
  • (2) Fuel Control
  • (3) Putting Theory into Practice
  • (4) The First Drive
  • (5) A Retrospective
  • (6) An Epilogue...


Note in the for sale section I have bolt-on trigger wheels for Type4 engines with upright conversions and air filter holders for Jenvey TF throttle bodies that i've designed and had a small batch of made as the cost of just one set was prohibitive.