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September 2004

Received the parts from CSP - rear disc kit and kafer brace shown below.

Also received my cocomats, and am delighted with the quality and fit (though the fit was down to me as I made the template for them). Here's a picture and if anyone wants to buy a set just ask for a set of (front only) mats for a RHD Chesil Speedster (

October 2004

I ordered some self-adhesive sound deadening panels from as the car currently has none - I removed the original inner layer when preparing the chassis for shortening, though the underside has a thick coat of rubber underseal which should provide a degree of deadening.

The cost of four packs of ten 200mm x 500mm panels was 62.12 including vat and delivery. These are very similar to dynamat panels but are much cheaper (dynomat is 150 for 3.3m2; these were 62 for 4m2). The panels are flexible and so will mould to the contours of the car quite easily.

I also ordered a webasto petrol air header (airtop 2000s) as the new engine is not compatible with heat exchangers and my wife wanted heat! Not cheap, but a typical quality German product.

Also finally received the fuel pump I ordered back in July.

November 2004

Engine is now ready for shipping from Jake. Made 146 BHP @ 6000 rpm and 140 ft lb of torque @ 3000 rpm.

December 2004

Finally made a start, having been prompted by finding buyers for many of the no longer required parts...

Removed the exhaust, heat exchangers, carbs, engine sealing tray, and distributor. Disconnected the wiring, fuel and servo lines, removed the four engine mounting bolts and rolled the engine back from the gearbox on the jack and supported it on blocks. Then removed the alternator, fan-housing, and oil-cooler so the engine was nice and low to reduce the height i'll need to jack the car to to slide it out from underneath. Need to work out where to store all the parts not yet sold.....

Successfully raised the rear of the car, lowered the engine and slid it out. The engine, along with some other parts, has been collected and is going into another Chesil Speedster, and i've tidied up the remaining items.

Ordered new gearbox mounts and heavy duty cradle to prepare for welding on the kafer brace. These have now arrived and I need to take these and the brace to Beetlelink who are going to weld the mount brackets for me.

Have also stripped out the interior ready to sound deaden and run the new fuel line.

The engine was delivered this morning (xmas eve). Engine is still in the crate but here is a photo plus a picture of the carbon fibre sealing tin. The red and black should look good inside my black car.

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