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July 2004

I have been doing some forward planning given the wider implications of the planned new 150 BHP engine. I've ordered a set of three dual gauges from Westach's European Distributor. These are a dual oil temperature/oil pressure gauge, dual Cylinder Head Temperature gauge, and a dual Exhaust Gas Temperature gauge. I opted for the dual gauges to minimise the number of instruments littering the cabin. These three will sit in individual pods below the stereo. With four engine temperature gauges I can monitor all four cylinders with CHT on #1 and #3, and EGT on #2 and #4. I've also ordered a Mallory Fuel Pump and Fuel Filter. I've decided to mount these in the luggage compartment rather under the fuel tank outside the car (though obviously they will be below the level of the tank). I'm also considering upgrading the hard fuel line in the car (well certainly the connection method at each end) as this will now be under 3 PSI pressure rather than gravity fed.

Also need to order the B.A.S. Ahnendorp exhaust system.

I've decided in combination with the new engine that i'll further develop my car in the outlaw style. First addition are tan bonnet straps which I picked up from for a very reasonable £16.50+vat. (Item cxs021). Excellent service too.

Second planned addition is a Carrera style through bonnet filler. Credit to Bruce Stump over at for leading the way and showing that this modification can be done. I've picked up a pre-62 356 gas cap from Karmann Konnection and have located a suitable spill rubber to catch the rain that would enter the bonnet opening. I think I've worked out how I am going to attach the cap to a suitable filler neck and will give details once I have verified my ideas. Below are photos of Bruce's excellent efforts.

August 2004

Been collecting parts ready for the revamp. Received all my gauges and pods from Westach's UK distributor, and ordered the spill tray and matching 4" to 2" aluminium funnel for my thru-bonnet fuel filler.

Note that I added a forth gauge - air fuel mixture and bought a heated oxygen sensor to drive it.

Received a set of floor mat templates from Cocomats to check for fit and modify if required for the Chesil. At first glance their templates (for a RHD Beetle) are much too narrow and I'll need to make my own (new ones shown below)

Exhaust has arrived at last from BAS Ahnendorp, though could have been packaged better. Quite a beast!

And the Custom and Speed Parts order I placed has been dispatched. This contains rear disc brake kit (wide-5), new master cylinder (20.64mm bore), 1.8L breather, and 3 piece kafer cup rear brace.

Have finished designing the fuel filler cap flange and cap handle for my planned through-the-bonnet fuel filler. Will place an order with soon for the parts. Have already bought and received an early filler cap, rubber spill tray and funnel. The flange i´ve designed accepts the early filler cap and bolts to spill tray and funnel.

Click for "phase 2" details from September 2004