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The Engine

In July 2004 I decided to upgrade the engine in the car, over the coming winter, so that performance matches (or exceeds!) its looks.

Wanting to make a significant leap from my existing, and pretty-much stock, 1641cc I decided that a capacity of at least 2 Litres was a minimum requirement. Wanting a reliable unit led me to investigate Type IV engines as well as the more traditional type I, due to their stronger case and larger unmodified capacity.

To cut a long story short I've decided to buy a complete turnkey Type IV engine from Jake Raby at Aircooled Technology in the US. The specification of this engine can be found at Jake's website (Raby MassIVe Type IV 2270cc "C" specification engine) and in summary is:

  • 2270cc (78.4 x 96) Type IV developing about 150 bhp
  • Carbon Fibre DTM shroud (red/black)
  • Twin Weber IDF 44s
  • Mallory distributor
  • Ahnendorp Manifold & Exhaust
  • Clutch parts to fit to my '72 IRS transaxle





To install the engine I will also need to:

  • Fit an electric fuel pump (Mallory unit) under the bonnet & reroute fuel lines in engine compartment
  • Add Oil Pressure/Temperature and Dual Cylinder Head Temperature/Exhaust Gas Temperature (CHT/EGT) gauges (In pods below the stereo) and run wiring
  • Fit an external oil filter (and oil cooler depending on engine temp reading)
  • Fit existing Oil Temperature sender in new engine
  • Add CSP 1.8L breather box
  • Fit a kafer cup rear 3 piece brace
  • Upgrade to disc rear brakes (and new master cylinder due to front/rear brake combination)