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May 2003

Making preparations for mating the body and chassis. Fitted the body gasket onto the chassis with Evostick. Cut up strips of spare body gasket (as the chassis is 10 3/4 inches shorter than a standard beetle) and glued them to the floor to isolate the woodern floorboards from the chassis to try and prevent rattles. Floorboards are only held in by the seat rails bolting through them and the chassis floor. Also Fitted the 4 body mounting studs on the rear shock towers.

Connected the heat exchangers to the operating lever, connected and setup free play for the clutch cable, and connected accelerator cable.

Lowered front suspension by 25mm to get it off the shock length stop. Car is now about 30mm high front and rear (by measuring to mount points and comparing with body) which will hopefully be corrected by the weight of the body and trim. This is good as I was concerned that the 'lowered' front spax shox were too short for this application.

Fitted the wheels at last! Chassis is now rolling. The front drumskinz were fouling the brake calipers so had to trim them back to just a front face. Wheels look great though, front and back, with the 'skinz fitted behind

Bolted body to chassis. Details are in the body section.

Job Done!

That is the end of the chassis section. The remaining build is detailed under the body section.