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December 2002

Waiting for the body to be delivered by Chesil. Delayed until the new year, by fabrication of louvred engine lid.

Have managed to pick up some 'finishing touches' via eBay, and from fibersteel:

    Wooden Steering Wheel (eBay)
    Headlight Grills (eBay)
    Vintage Bosch Driving Lights (eBay)
    Carrera GT mirror (Fibersteel)
    Carrera Badge (Fibresteel)
    Drumskinz (Fibresteel)

January 2003

The body has now been delivered. Most impressed by what Chesil have provided. This was the 'deluxe kit' so bonnet and engine lid are fitted and latched, as are the doors, windscreen, and roof frame. Even all the holes are drilled (for lights, instruments, loom). I opted for wind-up windows (for convenience) and these are installed too.

February 2003

Have managed to source body mounted headlight grills (on 3 tenax fasteners as per the front of the tweeks catalogue) rather than the rim mounted ones i'd previously acquired on eBay which i'll resell on eBay when I get around to it (or email me if you're interested in buying them).

The fun jobs begin! Trial fitted horn grills, indicators and bonnet handle. The basic hole for the horn grill was cut but needed enlarging and mounting holes drilling; same for the indicator. For the bonnet handle, there were indents showing the fore-aft positioning but the top mount needed moving right-to-left about 5mm to align it with the centre of the car.

Fuse box sits under dash together with dim/dip relay and hazard warning switch. The pre-cut fusebox hole needed enlarging and a 30mm hole for the hazard switch cutting - this panel is pre-coloured GRP and won't be sprayed so no mistakes can be made...

Laid out the loom under the bonnet, having cut the washer bottle access hole (bottom right) which sits tucked behind the spare wheel well.

Visit to Chesil (to buy trim, lights, fuel tank, and loom) reveals its not the lights at fault - its the body. Need to drill out captive nut and fit new rivi-nuts slightly higher than existing mount. Visit also revealed the best mounting place for the brake servo, which is below the spare wheel within the body (where the white manual is in the picture of my car above right) as shown below.

Bought a pair of US spec VW headlights from SSP. Don't quite fit the mounts that Chesil have provided on the body but a minor modification will allow them to fit (Same modification is needed to allow the headlights grills I bought to fit also). These lights were almost 1/3 of the price of the headlights Chesil sell!!!

21st March 2003

Made brackets to support the brake servo in the front well.

P-Clipped loom in battery box area, merging ancillary and main looms.

Fitted my ancillary loom, tie wrapping and P-Clipping it with the Chesil main loom. Fitted the washer bottle, air horn compressor, and ancillary relays/fuses. These should be out of the way of the spare wheel. Also fitted driving light switch next to hazard switch.

Air horns themselves are fixed under front wing. Here you can also see loom to leadlights, and earths running to front beam.

I decided that the Chesil wiring loom's unswitched fuse supply was not up to the job of supplying 30A to the air horns and so made an ancillary loom fed from the battery to supply both the air horns and the driving lamps. This loom supplies two fused relays, one for each service, which are mounted next to the servo. The driving lights will only switch on when the high beam is on and a separate switch is also on, mounted next to the hazard switch. I got all the parts I needed from Vehicle Wiring Products, whose service could not be faulted (I ordered 1pm yesterday, and everything was delivered before 11am this morning).

Trial fitted the rear lights, reflectors, number plate and light, and Carrera badge today (Car will be badged as a Chesil not as a Porsche, so I chose a large 9 inch Carrera script for the rear where traditionally a porsche script would be). Positioned the rear reflectors over the raised bumper mounting areas on the tub, which will save work later (because I'm not having bumpers), and is <just> SVA compliant. Have yet to decide where to mount a fog light.

Click here for work on body after to March 2003